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Subscription Fees

Egrants.net is available by subscription with an annual fee based on the size of the organization.

A subscription provides unlimited access to the Egrants.net database and email notification services for as many individuals as the subscribing organization chooses. Egrants.net issues an Organization Activation Code to the subscriber organization. Each user within the organization gains access to the system through the Organization Code and his or her own User ID, password, and user profile. Each user profile, which indicates specific areas of interest for purposes of e-mail notification and the personalized entry page to the database, may be changed or updated at any time.

An individual subscription provides database access and e-mail notification to the subscriber only.

Below is an example of our fee schedule for illustrative purposes.

Subscription Length
Number of UsersMonthly6 Month
1 Year
Small Office2-10$75$402
Enterprise/Association Level11+$100$540
*Exact fees may vary. Please contact us for more information.