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Below is an example of the page that is displayed after clicking on one of the categories of the Personalized Entry Page. This particular area of interest is 'Health Care Organization and Financing'

Current grants are those that have not passed the deadline date for grant submission. Upcoming grants are those that have not been formally issued to the public; the granting agency is not yet accepting grant submissions. You can search egrants.net comprehensive database of grants by clicking on Search at the top of the screen. Click on any grant title to receive grant details.

Grant Category: Health Care Organization and Financing
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Title Organization Deadline Date
Small Rural Hospital Improvement Program Health Resources and Services Administration 04-28-04
Grants for Policy-Oriented Rural Health Services Research Health Resources and Services Administration 05-03-04
Economic Evaluation Of Drug Abuse Treatment And Prevention Services For HIV/AIDS National Institute on Drug Abuse 09-30-05
See grant details
General Grantmaking Robert Wood Johnson Foundation See grant details
Healthcare Program Fan Fox and Leslie R. Samuels Foundation See grant details
Institutional Prevention and Wellness Grants JM Foundation See grant details

There are no records.

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